Leanne Willshire

About me – Leanne Willshire

Prior to my employment with Professional BAS Agent Services, I was qualified in a profession which allowed me to utilise my skills throughout the globe. Having made the decision in 2006 to completely change my career-path, I spent 12 months in full-time study, which culminated in mid-2007 having achieved my Diploma of Accounting.

I commenced employment with PBS, initially by undertaking clerical/administration tasks but given my qualification, was delighted to be offered the position of, entry-level bookkeeper. With my bookkeeping theory having been attained, I very quickly learned and understood the profession from the practical perspective and in 2012 achieved my BAS Agent qualification. Since being recognised for achieving success in my work and attention to detail, together with the ability to impart knowledge to others, I welcomed the appointment of Office Manager of the PBS Team.


Something Interesting about Leanne

In 2003 whilst on a working holiday in Jersey, Channel Islands, I met my husband and I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown since then! We have a mutual love of discovering wines from various regions throughout the world and our favourite holiday is to immerse ourselves in the nitty gritty of all things wine!

I am most definitely a cat loving person! I love spending time with our two cats Tora and Cooper and at their pleasure, are very reciprocating of my devotion and care…. which of course, I fully appreciate!

However, gardening is my passion. It’s my chill out time and in short, it’s my “therapy”. I love taking plant cuttings and nurturing them until they reach full-size, whether to plant in our garden or to give to others to enjoy.

As an insight to my gardening passion, we recently moved house and I am considering removing the swimming pool to build my dream vegetable garden!