Front Introduction

At Professional BAS Agent Services, our purpose is to use our expertise, knowledge and procedures to keep your business on track.

Established in 1983 by Founder and Principal, Helen Stenhouse, the professional Team at Professional BAS Agent Services has delivered freedom and control to Clients throughout Australia for more than 32 years.

We had a mission in mind from day one, to provide all businesses of any size, with a hands-on team to eliminate the pressures of day-to-day compliance.

As we like to say, BAS is our business.

We are proud of our diverse local and national Client base, which includes health professionals, holiday parks, pharmacy, retail, real estate, builders and trades, just to name a few. While our Client base is varied, assisting health and business professionals is our specialty.

At Professional BAS Agent Services we offer a Team of highly trained and registered BAS Agents, who will work closely with you from our office based in Notting Hill, Victoria. Our Team has solid experience and a strong commitment to results. Several staff members have spent in excess of 22 years in our industry.

For us, every day, from start to finish, is dedicated to Keeping You On Track and Out of Trouble.