Whether you need rigorous financial reporting, record-keeping or management, our Registered BAS Agents do it all.

Our EnhancedBAS solution enables you to pass most of your responsibilities onto our expert team.  You will then be able to use your regained time however you please. It may be to work on your business, spend time with family – or even just relax!

We understand the unnecessary cost and repercussions brought about by inadequate systems, disorderly financial administration and simply, poor bookkeeping.

Our Registered BAS Agents provide a precise solution, delivered to a national standard of excellence.

We adhere to best practice every step of the way – and our Registered BAS Agents ensure you achieve the same level of excellence with your record-keeping to guarantee compliance.

To clarify, we will provide:

  • Processing of Source Documents
  • Payroll and associated obligations
  • GST reconciliations
  • Bank and Credit card reconciliations
  • Loan and Inter Entity reconciliations
  • BAS preparation
  • BAS lodgement (you’ll receive a four week extension for lodgement)
  • EOY Reconciliations
  • Annual Payroll and Workcover compliance
  • Annual Financial Reporting
  • End of Financial Year package for your Accountant
  • Administration/Clerical

You’re required to:

  • Take care of Debtor and Creditor Management
  • Provide Source Documents

A BAS Agent’s task may sound tedious, but the approach offered by PBS is highly dynamic.

Our Melbourne-based team is one of the most highly qualified in the business – and our EnhancedBAS will provide a streamlined solution for your business.

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