Our BAS team exists for one unified purpose: to take the burden of BAS preparation, reporting and worry off your desk – to keep you out of trouble.

Complete Payroll

Paying people late or incorrectly is a big disincentive for employees. Stay up to date with payroll law, ensure your payroll compliance is essential to running your business. We ensure your payroll is accurate, on time and fully complaint.


If Bookkeeping is just another item on your “to-do” list and you don’t have the skills or the time, then Professional BAS Agent Services is here to help! We understand the financial components that a business needs and we will relieve you of the tedious, day-to-day bookkeeping. By seeking our assistance, we will provide you […]

Debtor and Creditor Control

Nothing can hurt a business more than a bad debt at a time when money has already been allocated or expenses are falling due. Yet, many businesses suffer this fate. Professional BAS Agent Service offers the skill and experience to jump in with an “all bases covered” debtors solution.

Virtual Office and Administration

Let’s be honest. Often times there’s no glory working behind the scenes. Yet, every business requires an administration. And running an office isn’t cheap. At Professional BAS Agent Service, we’re ready to step in as your “behind the scenes” business helper too.

General Ledger

General Ledger is the backbone of your compliance – essential for the inputting and calculation of transactions impacting BAS, payroll and GST. Professional BAS Agent Service can assist with the suitability, implementation, familiarisation and operation of your General Ledger system whether manual, desktop or cloud.