Helen Stenhouse

Helen is the Founder and Director of Professional BAS Agent Services. Throughout her numerous years of being in business, she has undertaken various courses, enabling her to extend her expertise and provide a superior level of service.

Chris Stenhouse

Chris Stenhouse

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Systems (Applications) and spent seven years leading technical teams at Apple Retail before joining PBS full time. Whether in my private life or professional, my passion is centred around making life easier through the use of technology. So whether it’s hooking up smart WiFi speakers so I can […]

SPASA Australia

We have used the services of Professional Bookkeeping Services since February 2015 and have always found them to be professional, accurate, timely and willing to do over and above when required. We would most definitely recommend them to any other business, industry association or not for profit organisation looking for a Bookkeeping service. Gary Nye […]

Leanne Willshire

Leanne completed her Diploma in Accounting in 2007. Since commencing as PBS, she has achieved her BAS Agent qualification, and progressed from undertaking clerical/administration tasks, to entry-level bookkeeper, to Office Manager.

Do I Need a Bookkeeper or a BAS Agent?

The role of a Bookkeeper has changed dramatically since the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) which created record-keeping and reporting pressures along with penalties for non-compliance. As a business owner, you now have two choices.

Tomars Hairdressing

My name is Tony Lucarelli and my business, Tomars Hair and Beauty is located in Bentleigh, Victoria. I want to let you know about Professional BAS Agent Services as I have been using their services since 1988. They assist me in managing my BAS, business and payroll records. The team at Professional BAS Agent Services […]

Web Intelligenz

Managing Director of Web Intelligenz, Dr Paul Thewlis talks about using us for his BAS and bookkeeping in this video.


Our BAS team exists for one unified purpose: to take the burden of BAS preparation, reporting and worry off your desk – to keep you out of trouble.

Established in 1983

Established in 1983, we have diverse experience with a myriad of businesses.

Exceptional workmanship …

Exceptional workmanship and a Team Solution. We are passionate about what we do!

Compliance is Imperative

Compliance is imperative. We pride ourselves on absolute attention to detail.

Our Clients are important to us

Our Clients are Our business. They are important to us and that’s why we customise Our Service specifically to suit Their Needs.

Professional BAS Agents

Imagine the feeling of freedom, because you are no longer stressed about record-keeping deadlines. Imagine a feeling of total control, knowing that every area of business compliance, from BAS and GST, Payroll, Super and WorkCover, to Debtors and Creditors, is in safe hands. Imagine a new lifestyle – more time to spend however you please, […]

Great Option for Small Business Owners

Relax when on holidays, we will become the ‘voice’ of Your business.

Keeping you On Track and Out of Trouble

We ensure your records remain compliant and up-to-date with GST, BAS, Payroll, Superannuation, WorkCover and more!

No need to Spend Unnecessary Costs on Setting up an Office

Our team is based in Melbourne and have the facilities to carry out tasks at your convenience.