Moat Media

When I decided to start a new company on my own, I very quickly realised the hardest thing was realising that no-one else but me has a true vested interest in the success of my business. However, having Helen and Leanne around from the very beginning has been like having the two most trustworthy and reliable people I’ve ever met, right there with me watching my back and the backs of my employees every day.

They put up with my annoying (repeated) questions, take my daily phone calls and emails, listen and pretend to laugh at my bad jokes (which is very, very important to my fragile ego), and consistently help me with the most important parts of running my business – that being, I need to remember to actually invoice my clients, get paid, and then remember to pay my employees.

Most importantly they keep us looking professional, they are superstars, and we’d be lost without them!!

Matthew McDougall 

Moat Media