2016 Monash Business Summit Wrap Up

The evening began and ended, with the quiet murmur of business owners exchanging details and sharing what it is they do. This was accompanied by delectable canapés and an endless supply of cold beverages.

Stuart Norman, CEO of AAT, opened the seminar with a very accurate reference to how you wouldn’t “fix your car [yourself]” and would instead “send it to the mechanic”.

Helen Stenhouse, Founder and Director of PBS, was first to step up and share with us the importance of not just ‘reading’ your financials, but really ‘understanding’ them.

Natasha Hawker, Founder of Employee Matters, gave us an overview of the life cycle of an employee and the repercussions if correct procedures are not followed.

David Dugan, Founder of Elite500, highlighted that most business owners hold a wealth of intellectual property and leveraging it is the key to generating cash flow.

A special thank you goes out to Jane Herring and Sage One for supporting the night.

The 2016 Monash Business Summit was also proudly supported by Cranage Private Wealth and Proactive Accounting Group.

PBS is committed to supporting and coaching SME business owners in all aspects of their record keeping and compliance.